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Chairman's Message

The Lions clubs Internationational counts diabetes and childhood cancer as primary areas of service. We had seen all this coming. That was the reason that some of our clubs in district 324 A6 established the Melvin Jones Memorial lions charitable trust(A trust sponsered by LC keelkatalai) under this trust we have 7 dialysis machines now and we have the opportunity of offering affordable dialysis to about 14 persons daily.

The center owns the dialysis machines and other facilities and directly serves patients affected by kidney failure. The enthusiastic support of our Lion members has been a blessing.

Apart from dialysis, the center has been offering free medical camps & Eye camps at Kovilambakkam by tying up with the Appolo Hospital, Hariharan Hospital, Nanganallur, Lion jeeva of Mugavari eye hospital, Pammal. These hospitals offers ECG awareness, Echo, General checkup and Eye awareness, eye camp free to the public. If patients require surgery they will take care to the patients and treated as free surgery.

Lion P Elangovan

Ln P. Elangovan


Vice Chairman's Message

It gives me immense pleasure as being the vice Chairman for this prestigious MELVIN JONES HEMODIALYSIS CENTER. I am aware that nearly 8621 patients benifitted in the last four years & the way the center running professionally, I am sure many people can treated at very low cost. It is really heartening to note that the executive and other working committees being conducted with financial statements on time

With folded hands, i humbly thank all the members who contributed for this humanity cause and continue your support for the upcoming blood bank in our center, which is one among three banks in our Multiple 324

Friends, I am really very proud and thank the Almighty to be your partner doing extraordinary service to the needy ones.

Lion S. Sivakumar

Ln S. Sivakumar

Vice Chairman

Secretary Message

Lion V. Rajendran

Ln V. Rajendran


Lion N. Marimuthu

Ln N. Marimuthu

Joint Secretary

You all know our center is now four and half decades old and providing dialysis services to the kidney affected patients who cannot afford to spend huge sums on the same in private Hospitals.

Our past multiple council chairperson Lion P. Elangovan putting their heart and soul in making our center performing to its full capacity.

We request the lions to visit the centre regularly and get updates about our centre and they can make their contributions to the centre on important occasions directly.

We once again appeal to each one of you to involve yourself which will enable our district to achieve the mission of our organisation.

Treasurer Message

Lion R Sridharan

Ln R. Sridharan


Lion R Sridharan

Ln P. Manisekar

Joint Treasurer

We have been the treasurer of the centre from the year 2014. I have been in full charge of the adminstration.

It has been our Endeavour to ensure transperency in the affairs of the centre. We are happy to inform you that 99% of all money transactions at trust have been through cheques.

During the course of this year, 80-G has been received so that donors can continue to enjoy tax benefits. Under 80G deductions is available to any tax payer(may be individual,company, or firm) making donation to the centre. 50% of the donation made is allowed to be deducted from the taxable income before tax is calculated.

Income tax returns have been filed in time. in the following pages we are presenting the financial reports of the centre for the year 2018-19.

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